Richard Whitby Talk

G39 is pleased to host a talk by Richard Whitby. Richard is an artist who makes videos and performances as well as being a writer and an active member of Artists Union England. Join us for a talk about his work and the development and role of AUE.

‘My videos and, more recently, performances use various modes of image making – layering, contrasting techniques – in order to keep the collaged ‘edges’ visible. The work looks like it might equally be in the process of being made or falling apart. I am interested in how moving images narrativise our lives politically, economically and affectively – for example, in the way use of a public space is pre-figured through animated ‘pre-visualisations’ that show the ‘appropriate’ use of a shopping area or a public library. I use humour, special effects, animation, music, and acting (which is often improvised).’

‘Separate from my practice, I help run Artists’ Union England, a new trade union for artists working in England. The union was set up in 2014 as has a small but growing membership. As a trade union, we work to improve the conditions within which we work as artists, as well as advocating the value of the arts at the governmental level.’

Childe of Hale trailer, 2014:
Out of the cradle endlessly rocking, 2015:
New Theme Song, 2013:

Richard Whitby (b. Liverpool 1984) makes videos and performances, and writes. He studied art at Wimbledon College of Art and the Slade. He took part in the LUX Associate Artists Programme in 2012/13. In 2012 he produced a solo show with the Royal Standard, Liverpool. In 2015 he completed residencies with CCA Glasgow and Seoul Museum of Art. He has a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of London and is an active member of Artists’ Union England.

Coming Soon: JusteJonutyte Talk/ Sgwrs: Juste will be visiting from Rupert Gallery, Lithuania. 6.30pm 6th July 2017