Sound / Circuit Sniffers / Contact Mics

Workshop with Ian Watson

Thursday 3rd August 2017 11am – 5pm 

This workshop will include exploration of electromagnetic sound – during the day we will build and test ‘circuit sniffers’. These are simple electromagnetic pickups that allow us to listen-in on the behaviour of electronic circuits. The principals we will explore in doing so relate to ‘natural radio’ and very low frequency radio. There will be demonstration of how these simple tools can be expanded upon and played with via other sound apparatus for various outcomes.

Attendees will also make and test contact microphones from piezoelectric discs (formed of a crystal compound that reacts to pressure). Using these and small, battery powered amplifiers we will explore micro-acoustics, the sound of objects and by-products of amplified sound such as feedback & the physical interaction with sound via play and demonstrations.

Workshop participants will take the items made & used during the workshop for further use and their own exploration.

If you want to take part in the workshop and you are available please book a place by emailing by 26th July 2017.

Ian is happy to tailor the workshop a bit towards the interests of the people taking part so if you have anything particular that you’d like to get out of the session or something you’d like to discuss with Ian then please include it with the email.