Devised by artists for artists, the UNITe 2019 season is an autumn/winter programme of artistic experimentation, research, discussions, film, talks and presentations, and more.

Taking inspiration from independent art schools, studio groups and other ways that artists get together to support each other, g39’s UNITe season transforms the exhibition venue into a shared artist studio space and communal hub.

UNITe studio community fosters and supports artists at any career stage. It is a space for artistic practice and its associated research, testing ideas, taking wrong turns, sharing ideas, serendipity, and discovery.
During UNITe 2019 we are supporting eight artists through our intense programme. This year the artists are Daniel Clark, Mylo Elliott, Sophie Lindsey, Natasha MacVoy, Amber Mottram, Manon Parry, Radha Patel and Tessa Waite. The artists are encouraged to contribute to the programme supporting each other as a peer group.

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