One – to – Ones are back

One-to-Ones are free sessions with us or visiting artists or curators. Each session is around 45minutes long, which is usually long enough to focus on your main aims. The sessions centre on practice. It is a chance to discuss work, gain feedback and / or observations and it can offer a sounding board for ideas. We always try to match artists so that you get the most out of the session, to do that we ask that you send us a bit more information.

While sessions are limited, this is something that we will be doing each month.

We are currently offering the opportuntiy to apply for a one-to-one session with one of these guest artists and curators:

  • Emma Cousin. Session date: 31st July 2020. Deadline for expression of interest: 29th July
  • Noëmi Lakmaier. Session date: Thursday 6th August 2020. Deadline for expression of interest: 31st July
  • Shiri Shalmy. Session dates: Friday 7th and Monday 10th August 2020
    Deadline for expression of interest: 5th August 2020

More information about the guest artists and curators can be found below, you’re invited to read about each guest to help inform your selection. There are 4 slots available per guest.

To apply for a slot please submit the completed form here. Remember to tell us who you want to see and send a brief description of practice, a statement about the main thing you want to get out of the session and some examples of work or links to it. Also let us know if you have any access requirements. And remember to check the deadlines for each session.

About the guest artists and curators

Emma Cousin
Emma worked with us during Survey last year and we featured her podcast series in last months bulletin. In her images, Cousin brings to bear the body and auto-biographical detail on social critique, probing boundaries and contact, which expose our reliance on each other to be both violent and intimate.
In her figurative paintings and drawings Cousin stages complex explorations of semiotics, social conventions and body language. Darkly comic parades of characters contort across the canvas and spring from the examination of particular linguistic idioms and sayings; themselves the product of centuries of social habitus and convention. Her figures, in their interactions, excesses, leakages, and gurns, explore the expectations placed on our bodies, and the ways we navigate our limits and drives.
Emma teaches at The Art Academy and is also a visiting lecturer at Sotheby’s and regularly leads workshops on movement, the body, drawing and painting. She continues to study contemporary dance at Laban Trinity Dance, London. She was recently part of Common Ground, Milton Keynes Arts Centre’s community participation and artist development programme, a twelve-month season of distinct projects of engagement between a diverse spectrum of artists and communities living in Milton Keynes.

Session date: 31st July 2020
Deadline for expression of interest: 29th July

Noëmi Lakmaier
Noëmi Lakmaier is an Austrian born, UK based live artist with a particular interest in how we relate to ourselves and others as embodied being-in-the-world.
Noëmi Lakmaier’s work explores notions of the ‘Other’ ranging from the physical to the philosophical, the personal to the political. Through the use of everyday materials as well as her own body and the bodies of others, she constructs temporary living installations – alternative physical realities – exploring the psychological implications of power, control and insecurity, the drive to belong and succeed as well as feelings of self-doubt and otherness.
She has exhibited and performed widely both in the UK and internationally. Recent projects include The Task of Containing (Tate Modern, London & ArtVaults, Southhampton), Cherophobia (Shoreditch Church, London 2016 and Sydney Opera House, 2017 and Undress/Re-Dress, which has toured internationally since its first manifestation in 2011. She also works as a qualified and registered existential psychotherapist.

Session date:Thursday 6th August 2020
Deadline for expression of interest: 31st July

Shiri Shalmy
Shiri is an independent curator and creative producer with extensive experience of developing and managing large scale art projects in the public realm, including exhibitions, festivals, research projects and residencies with UK and international artists, galleries and art organisations.
Shiri is co-founder and co-organiser of Antiuniversity Now, an autonomous radical learning and mutual education project; founder and co-organiser of Cooperation Town, a new network of community-led food co-ops; one half of Giant Bomb, a collaborative art project with her son Lucian; a trade union organiser with United Sex Workers and a founding member of the Design and Culture Workers union branch.
Shiri has presented at public events on subjects including artists as workers, autonomous education, self organisation and trade unions.

Session dates: Friday 7th and Monday 10th August 2020
Deadline for expression of interest: 5th August 2020

N.B. There are 4 slots each available with Emma, Noëmi and Shiri.