Johana Hartwig: Three rivers wide


Arcade Cardiff

15.02.17 – 04.03.17

Wednesday – Saturday, 12:30 – 5:30
Drinks: Friday 17.02.17, 6 – 8pm
Artist sessions: Saturday 18.02.17, Saturday 04.03.17

Cardiff’s rivers mark out the city’s width in water. The rivers are what brought us here, but now our water flows through taps what are they to us?

This work considers our relationship with the city’s rivers and their individual identity, as well as the visual language we use to describe and quantify them. It seeks to understand them both through physically experiencing them and via information provided by software and machinery used to monitor and manage them. Some of the work in production has moved between matter and digital several times. The aim throughout the project has been to most clearly explore and explain the city’s three watery veins, whilst conversely digital glitches picked up during this un-subjective process are embraced as a gesture to the organic subject that it describes. In-flux river data suspended and domesticated on embroidered fabric, half-inch symbols used as guides on OS maps enlarged and elevated, both flotsam and jetsam carried down river and buildings and wildlife reflected in the water that lap the banks indicate how we see the rivers and how they see us.

This new body of work has been generated by a period of recent research by boat and working with materials and machinery at FabLab, CSAD.