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Photo credit: Megan Winstone, 2015

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Hello, welcome to our Library by clicking the link below you can browse the titles we have on our shelves, decide which ones you’d like to explore further, then come in, have a cup of tea, sit down and read the books you’ve chosen

We have a broad range of categories related to visual art practice as well as a substantial back catalogue of magazines and periodicals. If you have some personal or academic research or just love browsing and looking through publications you can come in and have a look through the shelves.

The publication titles are available to browse online. Take a look at what we have in the Library here:
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The Library has been digitally catalogued, labelled and shelved by our fantastic Volunteers. If you’d like some experience of working with a content management system while getting to get to know a flick through the books we have here, then please get in touch about Volunteering with us.

A number of projects are based in or emerge from the Library. These include:

Library Residency projects. There have been two artists in residence in our library. Laura Reeves in 2013 and Louise Hobson in 2014. Another Library Residency will start in January 2015.   One aim of the residency is to support and encourage contemporary visual arts practice that is informed or inspired by published texts. Another is to develop the Library as a resource and enliven its use. Read about previous projects:

Laura Reeves 2013

Louise Hobson 2014

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Art Writing Workshops. In 2014 Sam Hasler lead a series of sessions giving artists a chance to focus on developing their text based art works.

B-Sides. After the Art Writing Workshops ended the participants were invited to make a short stand alone text piece. The idea was that they should think of the work as a  B-Side, a space to do something different, or supplementary to their main body of work. In thinking of it as a counterpoint to the A-Side they had a chance to publish something awkward, intentionally un-commercial, a ‘cover version’, or a ‘demo track’. Have a read of the B-Sides.

The Library is a quiet room where you can read, write and research. It’s open 11am –  5pm Wednesday – Saturday.
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