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WARP Social 2015
WARP Social 2015

Our volunteers are the lovely bunch who dedicate their time, energy and support into helping g39 run like the smooth operator it is.Volunteering within any gallery has several benefits. First and foremost, it’s the most direct way of getting involved with what’s going on in the art scene, in which you can meet other like-minded individuals and are able to gain some valuable insight into how a gallery operates.

We’re a friendly lot at g39 and by getting involved you can gain experience and skills in areas such as exhibition installation, assisting at events, publicity and Library maintenance. We also value you as artists and want you to get as much out of working with us as you can, so if you have any suggestions of what you may like to do with us or certain aspects you want to get to know more about, we’ll do our best to accommodate.

If you  have any questions please contact ellie@g39.org