WARP February bulletin


February Bulletin


Hello all.  Welcome to February’s bulletin! I hope you’re well, we have some exciting events happening in the next couple of months and there are plenty of opportunities to apply for now your tax return has been submitted (hopefully!)

Thank you to everyone who attended the excellent Roll Credits closing event for Holly Davey’s The Conversation and Lydia Meehan’s A Template For Application. A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped out for the duration of the show

For those of you who missed out stay tuned for more information on our next exhibition Shiftwork featuring artists Daniel Baker, Shamus McPhee, Artur Conka and  Billy Kerry.

Preview Friday 2 March







G39 is developing a programme of events inspired by the Cymru yn Fenis Wales in Venice exhibition by James Richards.

These events will be spaces to explore broader ideas relating to James’ work and the themes raised within the exhibition. The events will also give us the chance to consider the exhibition in the context of Venice, and the presence of Wales within the Venice Biennale.

G39 have worked with James Richards and Chapter to develop three themes for these events. As a whole the themes form a set of concentric circles, beginning with the singularity, the individual, the absolute; then widening out to become more knowing, more diverse and relative; until at the outer edge ideas stretch to abstraction, a public or anonymous corpus. At the centre of these is the first event: The Voice.
Saturday 23 February 20182-4pm
£5 / £3 concession
Canton Uniting Church, Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, CF5 1LQ

This event takes ‘The Voice’ as a thematic device to explore the work of James Richards. Through the voice we look at the individual body, the coming of age in both biological and cultural forms, and the moment of ‘finding your voice’.

The event includes films by Meredith Monk, Charlmaigne Palestine, and Anne Maguire. There will be a reading by Giles Bailey of the text Voce di Testa written by Chris McCormack specifically for Music for the Gift as part of the Venice Biennale. This will be a unique opportunity to get fresh perspectives on James’ work and exploration of the voice that is both melancholy and celebratory.

G39 has been commissioned by Chapter to develop this programme in dialogue with James Richards. The events are supported by the Arts Council of Wales and have been made possible with Art Fund support

To book tickets click here




Coming Soon – Unit(e) Call Out

Every year g39 is transformed into a space for production, research, critical discussions, film screenings, socials, lectures, and more. Taking its model from various independent art schools and summer schools, the gallery becomes a busy studio hub for the participating artists. Information for applying coming soon

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Breakfast Club
Every Saturday from 10am

Breakfast club is currently closed due to an exhibition change over but will re start on Saturday 3 March!








Future SPACE: Open Call

18 SPACE will be celebrating 50 years of supporting artists in London. To help mark this anniversary, proposals are invited from artists for small exhibitions and displays relating to the theme Future SPACE.

SPACE are interested in work that relates to the conditions of making art, the future for artists and the role that space in the city plays in this. For example, imagining future space for artists, alternative futures, the role of art objects, theoretical discourse, conditions for artists in London today, new self-organising initiatives etc.

SPACE’s mission is to provide space, resources and opportunities for professional visual artists to create art, to develop their creative potential and for wider audiences to engage with creativity.

Who Can Apply?
– Visual Artists or visual arts groups who have been practicing professionally for no more than 10 years, since completing formal education
– We particularly welcome applications from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Artists and Disabled Artists

Projects will be for display in our Front Gallery at 129-131 Mare Street, London E8. A budget of £500 is available per project.

Application Deadline: 13 February 2018, 12pm

More information


WORK call for artists

WORK are inviting artists to apply to participate in the WORK programme. The programme is in two phases: a research and development phase, and a second phase of production and exhibition.

In the first phase, with their partners, they will support, guide and facilitate artists to develop ideas and a proposal for the main WORK programme, and to identify and engage the participants. WORK will also seek the additional funds we need to deliver the full WORK programme.

WORK are looking for four artists, one for each of four contexts:

  • With Fermynwoods Contemporary Art: rural e-commerce distribution centres, the impact of these workplaces on rural landscapes and lives
  • With Junction Arts: the post-mining legacy of deindustrialisation, the different experiences of work/lack of work/unemployment across generations
  • With Vivid Projects: contemporary workplace activism, workers’ rights, legislation and campaigning
  • With QUAD: workers in healthcare or wellbeing contexts

The artist’s commitment in the first phase is to:

  • make at least two visits to the project location
  • document their research online
  • identify and engage with participants
  • develop a proposal for a film project
  • contribute to the project community
  • participate in a public workshop day with all artists and partners, addressing moving image and situated practice more broadly

In this first stage, each artist will receive a fee of £1,000 and expenses to cover travel costs

Application deadline:  noon, Wednesday 28 February 2018


More information



a-n Artist Bursaries 2018

As part of a-n’s commitment to supporting artists, they are offering 65+ bursaries of between £500-£1,000 for self-directed professional development. a-n Artist Bursaries provide money for artists to develop their practice by establishing self-determined professional development activity that responds to their unique needs.

Bursary amounts can be between £500 – £1,000.


Application deadline: 3pm, Monday 12 February 2018.

More Information



People United Artist Commissions

People United are looking for exceptional female artists to work with specific groups of women in Kent for the 2018 Artist Commission programme exploring the themes of Self-Identity and Home.

The commissions this year bring women together to engage in a creative process in which they can share their own stories, build positive narratives and legacies, and make a difference to how people feel about and behave towards themselves and others.

Commission 1: Self-Identity
We are delighted to be co-commissioning with the community group Joining Hands, Joining Hearts, a self-led support network for women who are survivors of domestic abuse. The group are looking for a female artist and invite proposals from a wide range of artists and art forms, but in particular, would like to receive applications from artists in the fields of digital art, sound and music, filmmaking or animation. They are looking for an artist who can help them explore the theme of Self-Identity and create a social action artwork that, using their own experiences, might encourage a positive sense of self in others. This work will take place in Sittingbourne, Kent, and is supported by Optivo and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Commission 2: Home
The second commission will take place in Ashford, Kent and will bring newly arrived Syrian women and local women, all mothers, together to explore the idea of Home and home-making with a female artist. Proposals are invited from a wide range of visual artists and art forms, especially applications from artists in the fields of photography and multi-media arts.  With support from the Diocese of Canterbury and Ashford Borough Council (both the Culture and Housing departments), the selected artist will enable the group to produce work and curate an exhibition.

Fee: £10,000

Application deadline: Sunday 18 February

More Information





AUX-AIR 2018 Open Call

The Auxiliary are inviting submissions for the artist-in-resident programme, AUX-AIR 2018.

  • A 6 week residency (incl. studio and accommodation at the auxiliary)
  • £1360 stipend
  • travel allowance of up to £150
  • production budject of up to £350
  • exhibition or performance and a talk or workshop
  • one on one critical feedback session with a leading artist/academic
  • networking opportunities and advice on community engagement with our partners and local organisations
  • technical support with any install and de-install
  • full access to av equipment at the auxiliary

Eligibilty – artists must be emerging, early career international artists. International artists are.

1.Artists living outside the UK

2.Artist living in the UK that have exhibited abroad.

Artists must use the medium of sound in their work. An ‘exhibition’ is deemed as any artistic public facing event.

Application deadline: Wednesday 28 February


Stryx is inviting proposals for artists in residence / summer 2018 (June – August)

SOUP is an Arts Council funded (2017) artist residency programme, aimed at developing artistic collaborations and networks, forming relationships to build a strong connected arts community.

Deadline for proposals: Wednesday 14 February

More information





RAUM is a public exhibition square in Utrecht of more than 40,000 m2

In 2018 they will work with Overtreders W, Studio RNDR (formerly LUSTlab), Sacha van den Haak & Anton Lamberg and Elmo Vermijs & Richard Vijgen and have room for two to three more makers.

What do RAUM offer?

  • A workplace (Utrecht makers) or residential workplace (national and international makers) for up to three months in the Makershuis of RAUM.
  • A stipend of € 300 (self-employed) or € 400 (collective) per week if you are at least two days a week in residence (read: in the Makershuis). This stipend is intended for subsistence, like for instance groceries, travel costs from home and from the Makershuis to suppliers or appointments, and so on. For example: if you work on your project for a total of four weeks in the Makershuis, you will receive € 1200 as a freelancer or € 1600 as a collective. If you work at home, you will not receive a stipend.
  • A fee of up to 20% (ex VAT) within your total budget.
  • An open area of ​​40,000 m2 where your work and projects you create and produce in this period can be exhibited. On the grounds of RAUM (around the Makershuis) or on the Berlin square. Note: RAUM is a public space and therefore always open!
  • A reimbursement of material and production costs of the work you create, produce and / or organize up to € 40,000, excluding VAT.
  • A (shared) workshop where you can use tools, machines and equipment at a low renting price.
  • An involved RAUM crew, assistance with production, critical reflection in the research process, events and activities that you can play a role in. And finally, a large network of key figures in the city and environment who like to give input and help (residents, local cultural institutions, etc.) ).
  • Publicity (press promotion, social media, etc.).

Application Deadline: Sunday 18 February

More Information



Layout 1

The Burlington Contemporary Art Writing Prize seeks to discover talented young writers on contemporary art, with the winner receiving £1,000 and the opportunity to publish a review of a contemporary art exhibition in The Burlington Magazine.

Submission Requirements

Contenders – who must be no older than 35 years of age on 26th February 2018 and have published no more than six exhibition reviews – should submit one unpublished review of a contemporary art exhibition, no more than 1,000 words in length with up to three low-resolution images. ‘Contemporary’ is defined as art produced since 2000. The submitted review must be written in English (although the art considered may be international) and emailed as a Word document, clearly stating the name, age, country of residence and occupation of the writer, to editorial@burlington.org.uk.

The winner of the £1,000 Prize will be announced in May 2018

Deadline for submissions:  Monday 26 February

More information





Open call competition for young makers, designers and artists

Young UK-based artists, makers and designers are invited to submit their work for this open call competition..

There is a budget for the exhibition, which includes artist fees (£300), expenses, travel and work transportation costs, a launch event, and a marketing and PR campaign.

The exhibition will take place at MCDC from 24th May to 1st September 2018, and will feature at least 3 selected makers.

Deadline for submissions: 5pm Sunday 25 February

More Information



Expressive Arts Professional Residenct Development Project – Arts Active



A2 Connect, the Arts and Education Network for Central South Wales, would like to hear from artists interested in delivering Expressive Arts projects in Secondary schools in 2018.

Artists will be working alongside teachers in delivering a number of workshops in the school, leading up to a live performance event with KS3 students. This performance may be immersive, promenade, indoors and outdoors, and utilise the school’s existing facilities and spaces. The projects will involve collaboration between two or more subject areas within each school. This is a professional development opportunity for the teachers involved and will also include some out of school development sessions facilitated by A2 Connect.

We are looking for artists who have experience working with teachers and leading projects in a secondary school environment, who can work collaboratively across art forms, who have original approaches to performance and can include diverse art forms in performance.

Artists working in all forms of Expressive Arts are encouraged to apply, including music, dance, poetry, drama, graphic design, textiles, circus, media, performance technology and visual arts. In particular we are interested in artists who work in either

● Physical theatre/dance/circus

● Visual arts & performance

● Music & poetry

In addition we are looking for a creative director to oversee an immersive performance in one of the schools, over an intensive week in June, plus planning sessions.

Deadline: Wednesday 21 February

More Information


Experimentica 2018 Production Coordinator


£100.00 PER DAY. TOTAL CONTRACT FEE OF £2,000.00

EXPERIMENTICA is Chapter’s annual festival of live art and this year takes place: WEDNESDAY 11 APRIL – SUNDAY 15 APRIL 2018.

Working with local and international artists, EXPERIMENTICA aims to expand the horizons of audiences with work that will be taking place across the arts centre – in the theatres, cinemas, gallery and Caffi bar – and beyond in to the city. The Festival promises to be entertaining, challenging, surprising, life-affirming, playful, provocative, thoughtful, witty, engaging, risk-taking and everything in between.

We are now looking for an experienced, freelance Production Coordinator to work as part of the festival team responsible for ensuring that the artistic programme is prepared and presented to the highest standard. Liaison with artists, companies and performers as a friendly, helpful and efficient member of staff is a key part of this role, as well as flexibility and the ability to offer solutions to technical and creative challenges or queries. The post will be based in, but not exclusive to, the Chapter office and the contract will total 20 days work across a 7-week period. The working week varies dependent on proximity to the festival and will be discussed at interview. It is expected that the contract will commence in the week of 5 March and will finish in the week of 16 April.

Deadline: Tuesday 20 February




Typeface by Freya Dooley, 2017 for web_1

Freya Dooley – Litmus Commission (part 5) | Speakable Things

10 February 2018 – 11 April 2018

Oriel Davies

More Information


Ellie Young – Changing Faces

More Information

)Anthony Shapland Wind Through Leaves 2017for web.jpg

Anthony Shapland – A Sound Not Meant To Be Heard

10 February – 11 April 2018

Oriel Davies

nova banner.jpg


NOVA 2018

Fri 26 January to Wed 21 March

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

More Information



These Waters Have Stories To Tell

20 January – 11 March 2018
Glynn Vivian Gallery
More Information



Ragnar Kjartansson – The Sky In A Room

20 May – 8 July 2017

National museum of Wales

More Information


Evgeny Antufiev – Organic resistance: body and knife – crossing the border

 18 November18 February 2018
Mostyn Gallery


WARP Volunteers


Calling all our lovely volunteers!!

Get involved directly with your local art community and gain valuable experience volunteering at g39!

Do you have a day free to help with front of house duties during the running of our current exhibitions – Holly Davey’s The Conversation and Lydia Meehan’s A Template For Application ? Why not come give us a hand in the gallery we always appreciate your help and can offer bottomless tea/coffee, biscuits and hot water bottles/a heater for the cold weather. Contact me at warpintern@gmail.com with what dates you can do and I’ll put you into the calendar

As always, we can do a full day or a half day (11am to 2pm or 2pm till 5pm). And, we can reimburse for travel up to £5 for a full or half day, and reimburse you for lunch up to £5 for a full day.
If interested in helping being a volunteer and want to be put on our volunteer mailing list, just click.

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